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A gold ornament

 The Gold Ornament is a block added in the Millenare Mod.


The Gold Ornament can be found in dungeons, towers, Fortresses, etc. as a somewhat rare find. It can also be crafted by a mayan crafter, if a village has one, and can be crafted so long as a village has one stone and one gold ingot in its possession. It can be crafted in the crafting building, similiarly to obsidian tools. It currently has no crafting recipe.  It can also be aquired as a trade from Mayan Village Settlements where it can be sold to them for 4 Denier Argent or bought for 5 Denier Argent.


The Gold Ornament is not used in any crafting recepies.  It only functions as a decorative block and trading item in Mayan Villages

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