Millénaire is a mod for Minecraft, a 3D sandbox game. It aims to fill the "emptyness" of Minecraft worlds by adding NPC villages to it, with loose 11th-century Norman, Japanese, Mayan and Hindi themes with additional cultures planned.

Villages are populated with men, women and children of various kinds, who perform tasks such as trading with the player, expending current buildings or improving existing ones, cultivating crops such as wheat in Norman villages and rice in Indian ones, crafting tools and powerful amulets, etc. As the village expends, the number of villagers increases as couples have children who grow up into new adults.

Help villages grow by trading with them and be rewarded with unique items such as Norman and Indian food or statues and tapestries to decorate your house with. And if they start liking you enough, they might even build you a house of your own.

Let's start off about what the Millénaire Mod is about. The Millénaire Mod is about helping different cultures by trading with them. Or, you can do devastating things to them, for sometimes when you spawn and press a certain button on your keyboard and some cultures don't like you. Usually, I'd still help them even if they hate me for spawning near a enemy village. Anyways, to see great thing happen in the mod, you need to trade with them. The fun part is, anything can happen.

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