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Mo' Creatures is a mod created by DrZhark. It was created on November 17, 2010. It provides many new animal and monster mobs, as well as the ability to tame and ride some.

Mo' Creatures

Please note that this wiki list is very outdated and should only be applied to the MC 1.2.5 version's context unless otherwise noted. A LOT has changed for MC 1.4.6/7, so if you feel like taking up a project, please create pages for all the new mobs and add them into this.

You can disable/enable spawning rates and power going to ESC>Global Mod Settings> Dr.Zharks mo'creatures and changing various spawn rates and the like.

By default, vanilla mobs despawn.

New Mobs Edit

Friendly mobs Edit

Name Description
Horses Horses do not attack you, but they can still hurt you.They will kick you off if they aren't tamed. When killed, they drop leather and can be bred and tamed (check breeding/taming details). They will not despawn when tamed, and have health, which they can recover by being fed. Also, the pegasus and bat-horse can fly and will fly away if not contained, even when tamed.
Birds There are 6 different types of bird: Dove, Crow, Blue Gross Beak, Cardinal, Canary and Parrot, each one with a different sound. Right-clicking a tamed bird will place it on your head. Once a bird is placed on your head, you will not take fall damage. Instead you will "glide" to the ground slowly. Birds are tamed by feeding them seeds.
Butterflies MC 1.4.7 - There are 6 different types of butterflies, and they drop one ball of XP. This is an esthetic mob and has no practical use yet.
Grasshoppers MC 1.4.7 - This is yet another esthetic mob that flies around buzzing, and they drop one ball of XP. This is an esthetic mob and has no practical use yet.
Flies MC 1.4.7 - Flies buzz around rotten flesh and will generally be as unpleasant as the ones in real life but have no practical use yet.
Lightning Bugs MC 1.4.7 - This is an esthetic mob and has no practical use yet.
Snails MC 1.4.7 - Tired of seeking out slimes? There are now three colors of snails and one shell-lacking slug. Killing them gives you slimeballs.
Bees MC 1.4.7 - Bees buzz around harmlessly, but if you attack, they take 2 hits to kill and can sting you for minimal damage. This is an esthetic mob and has no practical use yet.
Elephants MC 1.4.7 - There are 3 types of elephants: African elephant, lesser African elephant, and Asian elephant. All three are tamable and ridable. Armor can be crafted, including tusk sheaths, decorative armor like that seen in Indian parades, and a saddle with satchels on the side you can open with a key. They will not attack you unless provoked. When killed, they give "hide" which cannot be used the same as MC's common leather.
Mammoths MC 1.4.7 - Mammoths are tamed by feeding them 10 sugar lumps or 5 cakes. You can only tame baby Mammoths. There are 2 types: Songhua River Mammoth and the Woolly Mammoth. You can give them Mammoth Platforms when they are adults.
Rabbits Rabbits only jump around aimlessly. Right Clicking on them will place them on your head. Right clicking them once they are on your head will make them jump off of you. Having a rabbit on your head while riding a horse will considerably speed it up.
Dolphins Dolphins are tameable and rideable and will not attack you unless you attack them. They drop raw fish when killed. Can be tamed and ridden. The pink Dolphin is a rare spawn.
Small fish They come in ten different colors (not including piranhas). They drop raw fish and fish eggs.


Cats can be tamed and become the player's pets. Litter boxes and cat food can be crafted for them.
Mice Mice will scurry about squeaking and spawn during the day. They drop seeds when killed.
Donkeys Donkeys run away from you and they drop leather and raw meat when killed (which is extremely difficult) a lie just for fun. They can be tamed and ridden.
Ducks Ducks act just like chickens and are retextured. They drop feathers when killed and/or raw duck.
Goats Goats wander around, eating any dropped items. They are tamable, but they do not follow you unless you have a rope (right click) or food in your hand. They will follow you if you are holding anything edible. Female Goats can be milked, and male Goats will fight amongst themselves or if provoked. Male Goats can also attack if milked. Goats can be led on ropes. However, if you die near a Goat, the Goat will eat your whole inventory -- even diamonds and other valuables.
Turtles Turtles are small mobs that spawn near water. Wild turtles draw their head into their shells if you come near. Wild turtles can be flipped over by right-clicking; they are only vulnerable to attack this way. Turtles drop between 1 to 2 chests when killed.You can tame and name them by droping a sugar cane near them and backing off. They will eat it and you can name them and put them on your head by right-clicking on them. If they are injured you can feed them wheat to restore health.
Manta Rays Manta Rays are peaceful creatures that swim about in the water. They can be ridden by right-clicking on them, though they will throw you off. If you attempt to ride them more than once, they can be tamed the same way as horses, but a medallion is needed to name them.

Neutral mobs Edit

Name Description
Crocodiles Crocodiles spawn in swamps and if they detect a victim, they will try to carry them into the water and perform a death roll. Sometimes, they remain static, but they can be ready to attack. They drop Croc hide, usable to craft Croc armor, similar to leather armor.
Boars Boars are the same shape as pigs, but the texture is different. It will attack the player if attacked or if the player gets too close. It will attack smaller prey when they are hungry. They deal about 2 hearts of damage. They drop porkchops when killed.
Wolves These will not attack the player unless they are harmed or if it is night. They drop leather and/or fur when killed. These do not replace the wolves from vanilla Minecraft.
Foxes Foxes will only attack mobs that are smaller than them. They will only attack when provoked. They drop 1 piece of leather and/or fur when killed.
Rats During the day, rats are neutral towards the player, but at night or in caves they are aggressive and will attack on sight. Rats drop seeds when killed.
Sting rays Sting rays will poison you if you get too close, but will not actively attack you.

Jellyfish float about in the water and become luminescent at night. They will poison you if you get too close, but will not chase you. They drop slimeballs.

Snakes Snakes spawn in different biomes depending on the species. They will attack if you get to close to them and will hunt mice and birds. In order to tame them, one must be killed to earn an egg. Place the egg next to a torch and wait nearby, soon enough a baby snake will appear.  Must be watched once hatched, if you aren't near, it will become hostile.

Aggressive mobs Edit

Aggressive mobs will attack on sight and is advised for beginners to avoid.

Name Description
Sharks These were recently added. Sharks will kill anything that falls on the water EXCEPT for squid. For breeding/taming details check mob details. They have a 10% drop rate for Shark Eggs and a 60% drop rate for shark teeth when killed, which is used to craft chain armor. If you are in a boat around sharks, it will bump the boat and after a while destroy it.
Big cats Big Cats include lions, tigers, cheetahs, snow leopards, and panthers. Female lions will attack the player on sight and are extremely dangerous. Male lions will only attack the player if the player attacks them or another lion nearby. They drop Big Cat Claws and leather when killed. Infants can be tamed.
Ducks Only spawn on snow and will attack the player on sight. They drop raw fish when killed.
Piranhas These tiny fish will attack the player on sight. They drop raw fish when killed. They are somewhat easy to spot, since they are a bright red. They seem to smile.
Hellrats Hellrats spawn in the Nether and are aggressive, attacking the player on sight. Hellrats drop Coal and Fire when killed.
Scorpions There are 4 classes of scorpions: brown, green, blue and red. Brown and green have a chance of poison you in one of their hits and spawn in the overworld, blue can make you slower and spawn in snow biomes and red can set you on fire and spawn only in the nether. Every scorpion behaves like spiders, neutral at day, hostile at night, and even can climb walls. Drops string and there is a chance to drops a smaller scorpion, this behaves like normal ones. By right clicking on a small scorpion you can pick it up, right click again to throw it.
Wraith Can fly and will attack the player on sight, and set him on fire and drops gunpowder when killed.
Fire Wraith Can fly and will throw fireballs at the player if they are too close, it can be seen from far away because of the flames that engulf it's body. It drops redstone when killed and only spawns on the hard difficulty by default. Fire Wraiths will spawn in the Nether as well as the surface world.
Werewolf During the day the werewolf is in human form. When they are hit, they yell or say "You're hurting me, stop it!!". At night, it transforms into a humanoid wolf. They can be easily harmed with gold tools as silver is substituted for gold. Other weapons take a lot of hits to kill them. They have the ability to sprint while walking on four legs. The human form can drop wooden sticks and tools, the wolf can drop iron tools and a golden apple. They also are able to move very fast upon chasing the player onto ice. This is useful if being pusued because the werewolf will slide very far away, making them no longer a threat, as long as you can shuffle around to avoid them
Ogres Extremely dangerous and will attack on sight. They destroy blocks by smashing them with their big hands. There are 3 types of ogres: Regular, Fire, and Cave. Regular destroy blocks like the other, fire can set the area surronding him in fire, and cave will only spawn in dark caves. Regular ogres drop obsidian, fire ogres drop fire (item) to craft a chain armor and cave ogres drops diamonds. Regular are the weakest, Fire are stronger, and Cave ogres are strongest by default. cave ogres are also harder to find and obsidian ogre.
Golems MC 1.4.7 - Quite possibly the most dangerous mob in Mo' Creatures now, this mob will attack on site. It appears as a rotating elemental-like set of blocks, and as you approach, it will draw up blocks from its surroundings, ruining the landscape until completed. In its full form, it is a massive humanoid thing that will stalk you over a wide range of land, even picking up terrain and hurling it at you well over thirty meters away, including in the air, and with precise accuracy! Damaging it only causes it to absorb more terrain into its body to heal, so bring your potions and diamond armor if you're Steve enough to take on this beast of a mob!

Humanoid/Demon Mobs Edit

The most dark and dangerous mobs of the mod, players must take extreme precautions when dealing with them. Take Caution.

Werewolf Edit

This is the first mob in a mod, and minecraft, to be able to shapeshift into another mob. In the day the werewolf is seen as a hobo who is friendly, and won't attack. At night, however, the hobo changes into a werewolf who is aggressive and hard to kill with weapons other than gold.

  • Hobo: Easy to kill as it is not aggressive, but is not worth the time, as it may de-spawn or re-spawn before night, and drops only wooden tools and sticks.
  • Werewolf: Difficult to kill but can only attack adjacent blocks, and not diagonal. This means it is possible to use blocks to trap the werewolf in a position where it cannot attack, but can be killed. As the werewolf, like all aggressive mobs, will run towards the player, it can also be killed with cactus blocks, which, providing there is no way around them, will leave the player to go about its business while the werewolf repeatedly runs into the cactus. Werewolves are a risky kill, but worth the valuable reward, as they have a chance to drop a golden apple when killed, although normally they drop stone or iron tools.
  • It is possible to watch a hobo transform at nightfall, where it flashes red as if taking damage, and flickers between both mobs.

Ogres Edit

These are the only mobs that can destroy blocks. They smash with a level of strength that varies according to each type of ogre. The ogres are twice the size of the player, are very dangerous and spawn on hard difficulty.

  • Ogre: Most common ogre. It drops Obsidian.These ogres are a deep shade of green with obsidian purple knee and elbow guards.
  • Fire Ogre: Have a bigger area of effect and sets the ground on fire when it stomps. Drops Fire so you can make Chainmail armor. These ogres are red in black similar to the colors of a magma cube, with a demon type crest on top of their heads. You can find these ogres at night by setting your sight distance to far and standing on a high point as they glow with fire.
  • Cave Ogre: Only spawn underground and have the biggest area of effect. They drop Diamonds.

Planned Edit

  • Squirrels: Dr. Zhark said that he would include them if Mo' Creatures was profiled, or, at least, mentioned in PCGamer.

Added Crafting Recipes Edit

Name Ingredients Input » Output Description
Crafted Saddle Leather + Iron (Ingot) OR Saddle + Iron (Ingot)
This is a different saddle from the Saddle that is found inside of dungeons. The Dungeon saddle will only let you ride pigs, whereas this saddle will let you ride some other tamed creatures.
Sugar Cube Sugar A Sugar Cube is used to tame Horses or to restore 3 health.
Pet Food (shapeless)
Raw Porkchop + Raw Fish
Feed to pets.
Medallion Leather + Gold (Ingot)
Medallions are used to tame and rename animals.
Kitty Bed Wooden Plank + Wool + Iron (Ingot)
Kitty Beds are by kitties to sleep, eat, and give birth. Pet Food or Milk must be added for the Cat to use it for eating. Different color wool gives different colored beds. Pick up by Right-Clicking while holding a Pickaxe. You can transport a kitty bed on your head by right clicking on it without holding a pickaxe.
Litter Box Wooden Planks + Sand
Cats will use Litter Boxes after eating. Afterwords, the Litter Box will become "used". Used Litter Boxes attract monsters. Can be cleaned with Sand or by leaving it sit for a while. Pick up by Right-Clicking while holding a Pickaxe. You can transport a litter box on your head by right clicking on it without holding a pickaxe.
Colored Kitty Bed Dyes + Kitty Bed
In addition to using colored wool to craft a Kitty Bed, they can be colored by dying them.
Whip BigCat Claw + Leather + Iron (Ingot)
If a whip is used near cats, they will sit and won't move. Right-Clicking a cat while holding a whip will individually toggle sitting on and off.
Rope String
Rope can be used to lead a number of animals. Kitties will be tied up by the rope and carried by their feet.
Wool Ball String
Holding causes nearby Cats to follow you. Cats given a wool ball will "play" with it by pushing and chasing it around.
Chain Helmet Shark Teeth
Chain armor is as effective as Gold Armor and is normally unobtainable, due to being made of fire in vanilla Minecraft.
Chain Chestplate Shark Teeth
Chain Leggings Shark Teeth
Chain Boots Shark Teeth
Croc Helmet Croc Hide
Croc armor is as effective as Leather Armor.
Croc Plate Croc Hide
Croc Legs Croc Hide
Croc Boots Croc Hide

Taming Edit

All tamed animals will not despawn and can be renamed, if nameable, by right clicking with a medallion.

Turtles Edit

To tame a turtle, drop sugar cane or watermelon slices nearby. Once tamed, turtles can be named, will follow the player, and grow slowly over time. Right clicking a tame turtle with anything but a pickaxe or medallion will put it on your head. If a turtle is injured and you have sugarcane, put it onto your head and it will eat out of your inventory.If you have a turtle on your head and you're on a horse, the horse will go a lot faster. The turtles can't jump.

Goats Edit

Goats are very easy to tame. Simply right click on them with any edible item (Cake, apples, fish, etc.). Tame goats can be lead around by ropes.Goats will also follow the player if he is carrying food. {C}Female goats are able to be milked. If the player tries to milk a male goat, it will attack the player. If holding wheat or a variety of certain items, both genders of goats will attack the player.

WARNING:  Goats can - and often will - eat any dropped items that they find on the ground.  They can eat ANYTHING, even diamonds!  Take care not to drop your valuable, heavily-enchanted weapon near your pet goats.

Kitties Edit

(This content needs some adjustment). {C}

Wild kitties will run from the player. You have to hold a cooked fish in your hand and, if you trap it then drop fish near it and, if you're lucky, they'll eat it. once they eat it, they won't run away. You can, then, give them a medallion to tame them. Once a medallion is given, you can name them. The name and health bar can be toggled on/off individually by right clicking while holding a pickaxe or globally by using the in-game mod menu.

Once the cat is tamed, it will look for a kitty bed with food or milk.

You can transport kitties that are on lying on a bed or litter box. The kitties will want either milk or pet food poured into the kitty bed. While the cat is eating or drinking, you can see the milk/food level shrinking.

Once the kitty has eaten, it will look for an unused litter box.

The litter box will become 'used'. This item is a powerful magnet for monsters: Monsters ignore the player and target the litter box, however, they won't try to destroy it. After a while, a used litter box will return to its empty state. You can also use sand on a used litter box to clean it, or simply pick it up (Right click when holding a pick)and it will be stored in your inventory, and when you place it again it will be clean.

A cat that has eaten and used a litter box, will roam freely, it can become hungry again and look for food in a kitty bed again, or it will fall sleep at night, or try to climb a tree.

A cat that climbs a tree, will get trapped on top and will need help to come down.

If you use a whip nearby cats, they will sit and won't move. You can right click on a cat while holding a whip to individually toggle sitting on/off.

You can pick up a cat in three different ways: if it is a kitten, it will ride on top of your head. An adult cat will go on the player's shoulders. If you pick up a cat while holding a rope, you will carry it by its legs. Cats don't like to be carried that way and will take damage and be angry with you once you drop them. However when being carried by rope the cat won't take damage from being hit against blocks when jumping, as is normal with the other two ways of carrying.

Cats can also get angry if they don't get food or if player attacks them. When the cat is angry, it will chase the player and occasionally claw him/her. After a while the cat temper will improve. You can also give an angry cat fish, so it will stop being angry.

A cat will follow you if you have a wool ball on your hand.

If you give a cat a wool ball, it will play with it for a while chasing it and pushing it, until the cat gets bored.

Cats will display emoticons to give you clues of what they're thinking. You can turn emoticons off using the in-game mod menu.


You can breed cats by giving them cake. Once cake is given, the cat will look for another cat that is also in the mood (given cake). After a while one of them will become pregnant and will need to find a kitty bed.

After a short while in the kitty bed, the cat will give birth to 1-3 kittens. kittens will be very playful and will chase any items (not only wool balls), will play with the player and will chase its mum.

If a kitten is attacked, its mom will defend it.

Sharks Edit

Taming sharks is easier than taming horses. In order to tame a shark, you will need to start with a baby shark from an egg. Sharks have a 10% chance of dropping an egg when killed. To hatch the egg, you need to throw it into the water which will generate a friendly-baby shark. After it grows big enough, it will be able to attack other mobs (like squid). Tamed sharks will not attack other sharks or the player. You cannot ride the shark.

Birds Edit

You can tame birds by giving them seeds by throwing them. (You must back away for them to eat it.) Once tamed they will not run away from you and will not despawn, and you can put them on your head by right clicking them. You can then glide with them.

If you have a bird on your head and go under a block just above your head, the bird will die.

If you're riding a pegasus with a bird on your head, the pegasus will fly faster.

Rabbits Edit

Breeding rabbits is a very simple process. Get two rabbits and keep them in a small place, such as a fenced in 3x3 area. After about five minutes, a noise is heard similar to the noise of a chicken laying an egg. This noise indicates that there is a baby rabbit.

The color of the baby is completely random, no matter what color the parents are.

Horses Edit

Taming horses is a complex process. Before you begin taming, you must put a saddle on the horse by holding the saddle and right clicking on the horse. Next you must feed them to reduce their temper. Each type of horse has an amount of temper that must be removed before it is considered tame. Different foods will reduce temper by different amounts. Here are all foods that can currently (V2.7) be used to reduce temper. Once tamed a horse will not despawn. It is rumored that you can tame a horse simply by riding it until it doesn't hurdle you off it (but should you not have a full hunger bar, you can die easily)

Food Effect
Wheat -25 temper (To a minimum of 25)
Sugar Lump -50 temper (To a minimum of 25)
Bread -100 temper (To a minimum of 25)
Apple Instantly tames

To feed a horse hold the food you wish to feed it then right click on the horse. As of V2.7 and earlier there is a bug that causes you to eat a sugar lump when feeding it to a horse, using 2 sugar cubes per right click. After reducing temper to 25 or lower the horse must be ridden to complete taming. An additional feeding may be necessary whilst on the horse, giving the player a prompt to name your pet. It is recommended that you reduce temper as much as possible before attempting to ride a horse. To ride a horse right click it while not holding food. While being tamed, horses will buck you off, possibly several times, causing fall damage.

Types of Horse Edit

There are currently (V2.7) 8 different types of horse with different speeds, hit points totals, temperaments, and chance to spawn in the wild.

Breed Color / Description Speed Hit Points Temper SpawnChance
Regular Horse Light brown 0.9 25 100 50%
Brown Horse Brown 1.0 30 200 35%
Black Horse Black 1.1 35 300 9%
Unicorn White with horn 1.3 40 400 4%
Pegasus White with wings 1.2 40 500 1%
Pack Horse Pinkish brown with saddle bags 0.9 40 600 0%
Nightmare Black with horn 1.3 50 700 0%
Black Pegasus Grey with horn and wings 1.3 50 800 0%

In the mod's options it is possible to raise the spawn chance of Pegasus from 1% to 10%. This also lowers the chance of other horses spawning. {C}Pack Horses, Nightmares, and Black Pegasus can not be found in the wild and must be bred. When any horse spawns in the wild there is a 20% chance it will be a foal (baby horse).

Breeding Edit

(There are no graphic depictions or otherwise inappropriate material when breeding horses. Horses will also not breed when in your line-of-sight)

To breed horses you will require:

  • 2 pumpkins/mushroom soup/cake
  • 2 non-sterile or Fertile horses (accepts pumpkins, mushroom soup or cake)
  • A place where they are within 4 squares of each other and 8 squares minimum away from you and other horses
  • At least 5 minutes or half a Minecraft day

To breed horses you need to give each of the them a pumpkin or mushroom soup. One of the two that you feed the pumpkin/soup to will become sterile and not be able to breed again unless "Easy Breeding" is on in the mod's options when the foal is born. Turning Easy Breeding on after a horse becomes sterile will not allow it to breed. {C}After about 5 minutes there will be a third horse. There is a 1/3 chance of this horse being a rare breed unless using "Easy Breeding" in which there is a 100% chance. The exact type of rare breed is determined by the total genetic value (TGV) of the parent horses.

Horse Genetic Value TGV To Breed
white horses 1
Brown horses 2
Dark horses 3
Unicorns 4
Pegasus 5 10
Pack horse 6 7
Nightmare 7 9
Black Pegasus 8 12

Note that the total genetic value must EQUAL these numbers. If the value is 13 or higher it cannot produce a Black Pegasus. If the TGV cannot produce a rare breed you will get a random horse with genetic value 1-5. Also two Packhorses, although their TGV is 12, does not produce a Black Pegasus.

Before you can put a saddle on the new horse it must be fully grown. This happens naturally over the course of several minutes. To speed up the growing process feed the horse (this may not count towards reducing their temper).

Rare Breeds Edit

As explained before, some horses can only be obtained with breeding.

  • Packhorse : You can give this horse its own inventory by right clicking it while holding a chest. To access its inventory right click it while holding a stone shovel or torches.
  • Nightmare : Fireproof and blazing fast, you can activate their superpower by feeding them redstone, this will make them light fire wherever they step.
  • Black Pegasus : The best of horses: fireproof, flying, tied for fastest speed, and able to have its own inventory. Truly a fearless steed.

Proper Storage And Care Of Your Horse Edit

Horses have a tendency to wander so if you want to keep track of them, it's important that you contain them properly. It's important that there be no grass in their enclosure as predator mobs may spawn. While horses normally require a 2x2 space to move through, it's possible for them to glitch through smaller gaps so eliminating gaps in their pen is a must. If your horse becomes injured simply feed it in the same manner as you tamed him to restore his health.

Dolphins Edit

New in 2.8 are Dolphins, the horse of the sea. Dolphins can be tamed and bred similarly to horses. Currently (2.8) there is only one food that can reduce their temper

Food Effect
Fish -25 temper (To a minimum of 1)

Dolphins do not require a saddle to be ridden. {C}Dolphins are fed and tamed in the same manner as horses

Types of Dolphin Edit

There are currently (V2.8) 6 different types of dolphin with different speeds, temperaments, and chance to spawn in the wild.

All dolphins have 30 health

Breed/color Speed Temper SpawnChance
Blue 1.5 50 36%
Green 2.5 100 25%
Purple 3.5 150 25%
Dark 4.5 200 11%
Pink 5.5 250 2%
Albino 6.5 300 1%

Breeding Edit

Dolphin breeding works rather differently than horse breeding.

To breed dolphins you will require:

  • 2 cooked fish
  • 2 dolphins
  • (assumed)A place where they are within 4 squares of each other and 8 squares minimum away from you and other dolphins
  • (assumed)5 minutes or half a Minecraft day

To breed dolphins you must give each a cooked fish. Unlike horses dolphins cannot become sterile and may breed indefinitely.After 5 minutes there will be a 3rd dolphin.If the two dolphins are of the same breed they will always have a baby of that breed, otherwise their Total Genetic Value (TGV) determines both the chance of getting a certain breed and which breed will be gotten.

If their TGV is less than 5 and they are of different breeds there is a 1/3 chance of breeding a dolphin whose genetic value is equal to the TGV. If TGV is 5 or 6 and they are of different breeds there is a 1/10 chance of breeding a dolphin whose genetic value is equal to the TGV. If the breed is not determined in this manner it will be dertermined as for spawning a wild dolphin.

Dolphin Genetic Value
Blue 1
Green 2
Dark 3
Purple 4
Pink 5
Albino 6

Links Edit

If you didn't find the information that you needed on this page, please leave a comment or see if you can find it at this page : [1]

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