Silverwood logs are a rare thaumic material from the Thaumcraft 2 mod that can only obtained from Silverwood Trees.


Once obtained Silverwood logs can be used in an Infuser along with a Vis Crystal to create Enchanted Silverwood (a part of the Vis Purifier recipe). It can also be used in an infuser with Nitor and a Vis Crystal for the Totem of Dawn recipe as well as in a crafting table for another part of the Vis Purifier recipe. Aside from enchanted silverwood these recipes must be researched on a Quasitum through the tainted knowledge branch before they can be crafted.

How to ObtainEdit

Silverwood logs are obtained by chopping down a Silverwood Tree. Silverwood trees can be found most commonly in biomes that possess a rich aura (high Vis and low taint). They can be distinguished from normal trees due to their silver colored wood and light blue leaves which glow faintly at night.

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