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UnderConstruction This article ThaumCraft 2 is incomplete and as such may be missing detailed and general information, images, references, and crafting recipes. Please expand the article and remove the {{Incomplete}} tag when it can be considered complete.
ThaumCraft ThaumCraft 2 contains information about the ThaumCraft_2 mod.

ThaumCraft 2 is a mod that introduces a new magical power source, called Vis (pronounced veez). Vis can be created using several different methods.


Notable Edit


A device used to convert items into liquid vis.



A device that is used to research new and better items to craft.


Items  ranging in rarity from common to exceptional can be studied at a Quaesitum for better results than normal blocks.

ThaumCraft's Recipe ListEdit

A list of recipes added by ThaumCraft 2.

Eldritch MonolithsEdit

2012-07-17 17.10.56

Eldritch Monolith at night.

Eldritch Monoliths are structures found on the overworld which can only be opened by inserting the correct vis crystals into its adjacent sides. To see the "combination" to open the monolith, you must craft and wear the Goggles of Revealing. If a crystal is inserted into an incorrect slot, it explodes, dealing minor damage and destroying the crystal. However, if the correct crystals are placed in the correct slots, a hole that goes directly to bedrock layer opens. Jumping down will kill you, but if you descend safely, you gain access to unique chests and artifac

While wearing the goggles of revealing, you will see colored symbols on 4 of the adjacent blocks. Pink= Vis Crystals Purple=Taint Crystals Green=Earthen Crystals Yellow=Vapourous Crystals Red=Fiery Crystals Blue=Aqueous Crystalou will not be able to destroy any more when your HUNGER runs out (scroll uses hunger to do its thing).  Pressing R when holding the scroll will make it take out a whole level of the monoloth, though if you are sand tunneling down, this is unnecessary

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