ThaumCraft Thaumic Infuser contains information about the ThaumCraft_2 mod.
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A Thaumic Infuser

The Thaumic Infuser is a device that uses liquid vis to combine and enchant various items into ones with more powerful magical properties.

In order to make most of these items you require a discovery of that item made through research at a Quaesitum. You place the items to be infused in various points on the table while having liquid Vis flowing into the infuser as a power source.

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The Interface.

The Thaumic Infuser is one of the most important thaumic devices there are. Most of the objects and items created in Thaumcraft can only be crafted in this device. The Infuser uses pure liquid vis supplied by Vis Conduits or a Crucible to enchant various items and fuse them into a new object with magical properties.


Infuser Interface

Infuser Interface

The areas highlighted in green are the input slots. These are where you place the various objects you wish to fuse together. The location of the placed objects isn't important, as long as they're all there. The area highlighted in red is where the infused result will appear. Any infusion recipes that use vis crystals have a chance of producing a Depleted Crystal which will be placed in the blue slot. Those depleted crystals can be recharged in the Thaumic Crystalizer.

Any upgrade you applied to the infuser will show in the yellow slot. The light blue area is where progress bar will appear. Finally the magenta area shows how much the speed of the infuser is currently being improved by booster seals. See the section on seals for a better explanation of what that means.

Placing the items in the infuser and supplying it with pure vis will cause the progress bar to appear and once it is full, you will gain the resulting item. Applying a redstone signal to an infuser pauses the current infusion process.


Crafting GUI.png

Iron (Ingot)

Iron (Ingot)


Stone Slab

Vis Crystal


Iron (Ingot)

Iron (Ingot)


Thaumic Infuser

You can use any type of Vis Crystal for this recipe. But often, it's better to use a PURE vis crystal (The Purple one.)


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